Support the Rail-Trails

Trails add value to our lives in so many ways—increasing our mobility, improving our health, spurring economic development and job creation, protecting our environment and creating powerful connections within, to and across communities.
– Rails-to-Trails Conservancy


Become a MRTC Member or send in a Donation.

Volunteer for a trail project or fundraising event.

Be a Trail Monitor – Notify MRTC, law enforcement, or other appropriate agency when you see vandalism, maintenance problems, aggressive dogs, or other issues.

Plan and organize a Fundraiser for the rail-trail.

Encourage a business or organization to Sponsor a rail-trail fundraiser.

Sign up for our E-news to stay connected.

Invite your friends and family to be rail-trail users and MRTC members.

Champion rail-trails – with every opportunity that arises, tell your city, county, state and federal leaders to support rail-trails in your community and others. Learn more about the national rail-trails movement at


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