Team MRTC will be cycling 100+ miles in 1 day so you can enjoy the rail-trails at your own pace

The Mon River Trails Conservancy has a group of cyclists each committing to bike 100-105 miles in 1 day on the Mon River and Deckers Creek Rail-Trails, plus the connecting Marion County Trail and Sheepskin Trail, to raise funds for the upkeep of the Mon River Rail-Trails.   Each cyclist will pick one day between Saturday, October 2 and Sunday, Oct. 10 to ride 100+ miles, and your pledges and donations will keep them motivated and pedaling!

Imagine that MRTC represents Mud, Rocks, Trees, and Culverts, with active mud and rock slides, fallen trees, clogged culverts, grass to mow, and ditches to clear, and you get the picture of why MRTC needs your help!

Proceeds from MRTCentury will be used for trail storm repairs and access improvements.


1) Be optimistic and fund the cause in advance by pledging to your favorite cyclist and donating NOW. We will let you know their mileage success the day after the event. Click here to DONATE

2) Fill out the pledge form for your favorite cyclist(s) and we will let you know their mileage success on the day after the event for you to donate the amount pledged either by a check or online payment.  Click here to PLEDGE


Christiaan Abildso, Morgantown, WV-  Christiaan is Vice President of the MRTC Board and knows the woes of maintaining rail-trails.  He will be pedaling and checking out every culvert along the way!

Adam Baus, Morgantown, WV- Adam has the long-distance vision, he is cycling for many generations to enjoy the rail-trail.  He says “For me, the rail-trail represents time with family and friends. Seeing our children grow and enjoy the rail-trail more and more over the years is a gift. That sort of gift should be and remain available to everyone.”

Stephen Cain, Morgantown, WV-  A newcomer to Morgantown, Stephen says “I am an avid cyclist who moved to Morgantown less than a month ago, and I’m already appreciating the enormous positive impact that the rail-trails here have made on my and my family’s day-to-day life. I use the trails both to commute to work and for recreation.”  He is willing to take on the 100+ mile challenge to ensure they stay in great condition.

Colin Dierman, Morgantown, WV-  Colin is an avid cyclist that you may know from trailside business- Wamsley Cycles. Besides putting our community on bikes, he is also a big fan of cycling up mountains. He is committed to keeping the rail-trails in good shape by taking on the century challenge.

Ethan Flanigan, Clarksburg, WV- Ethan used to work at Pathfinder as a mechanic during college.  He blames them for giving him the cycling bug.  He says “now I race almost every weekend I can and choose to ride my bike for hours on end when I have the time.”  He calls this ride the ‘sufferfest’ but ready to take on the challenge.

Marc Glass, Morgantown, WV-  Marc can be found cycling curvy WV roads, skinny mountain bike trails, or beautiful rail-trails.  He and his bike are ready to take on the century challenge for the good of a rail-trail cause.  He says “I feel it’s important to help support the MRTC we all enjoy so much, and doing so on a bike doubles the pleasure.”

Gabe Holtzer, Morgantown, WV- Gabe says  “I’ve been riding on the rail-trail for as long as I can remember. It’s a great, safe, peaceful place to exercise and have fun. I’m always looking for a challenge and I am supper exited to take on the MRTCentury!”

Kemp Holtzer, Morgantown, WV- Kemp says “I have been riding MRTC trails ever since i learned to ride a bike. The rail-trail is a great place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and safely travel around our community. I love and support our trails!”

Charlie Shobe, Morgantown, WV- Charlie is a professor of geology at WVU. He loves riding the rail-trails for commuting to work, picking up groceries, and finding new landslides to photograph and show in his classes.  We certainly wish we had less of those on the rail-trail but they are also a good outdoor classroom.

Michael Simms, Morgantown, WV- I’m riding because the Mon River Rail-Trails are one of the best places for people to be outside, be active and exercise in a safe environment, away from cars. Our rail-trail system also allows people to be social, to support local businesses, and to catch a glimpse of our amazing West Virginia wildlife. 105 miles in one day is a big goal, but knowing that I will be helping maintain and sustain our trails will power me through to the end!

Kristina Vrouwenvelder, Morgantown, WV- Kristina moved to Morgantown in late 2020 and has ridden her bike (or run, or skied) on the rail-trails almost every day since.  She says “her favorite way to experience them is on a cargo bike loaded down with some groceries!”

Total Pledged and Donated: $24,244.45

TOP Fundraisers  (will be updated daily)

Colin Dierman   $3,616.75

Gabe Holtzer   $3,463.50

Kemp Holtzer   $3,463.50

Christiaan Abildso   $3,449.00

Marc Glass   $3,075.50

Kristina Vrouwenvelder  $2,463.75

Charlie Shobe   $1,576.25

Adam Baus   $1,054.00

Stephen Cain   $790.05

Ethan Flanigan   $761.25

Michael Simms   $530.90