MON RIVER TRAILS 2023 Century Ride 

TEAM CALACAIN (Stephen, Melissa, and River), Morgantown, WV

The First Family to Cyle the MRTC Century!  Steve, who has participated in this MRTC Century for the past two years, will be joined by Melissa, and their awesome 8-year-old, River. They are taking on this year’s 105-mile challenge as a family to preserve rail trails for everyone. Steve will be riding the entire route, and Melissa and River will be joining him for ⅓ of the ride. Just like any typical family, they aim to balance work and family life, finding their greatest joy in spending quality time together outdoors. The rail trail serves many purposes for their family: From safely commuting around Morgantown, to where they can nurture curiosity and awe by witnessing breathtaking sights, they are driven to ensure these trails remain accessible and enjoyable for folks of all ages and backgrounds. Team CalaCain is riding this year to foster a love for exploration and connection along the rail trails.

Total Raised:  $1,344.76       Thank You Donors!

Cycling Day: Sunday, October 22, 2023