MON RIVER TRAILS 2023 Century Ride 


The Mon River and Deckers Creek Rail-Trails have become an intimate part of Josh’s life since moving to Morgantown in 2011. Essential to both his commute to work and his escape from it, he has found countless hours of solace, adventure and friendship along its 105 miles. His friend Jared joined him this year to tackle the first Double Century or 24 heures du Mon.

All told they rode 179 miles over 25 hrs and called it quits before the sun set on them again- though there was not much sun during any of it, they cycled many hours in torrential rain.

Total Raised: $2,186.94        Thank You Donors!

Cycling Day:  Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14, 2023

Cycling With:  Jared Lebel