MON RIVER TRAILS 2023 Century Ride 

ADAM BAUS, Morgantown, WV

Adam has the long-distance vision, he is cycling for many generations to enjoy the rail-trail.  He says “For me, the rail-trail represents time with family and friends. Seeing our children grow and enjoy the rail-trail more and more over the years is a gift. That sort of gift should be and remain available to everyone.”

This year Adam took on the Double Century Challenge, aka the Dirty Double, in stormy weather.  He finished the undertaking on the following day.

Total Raised: $1,394.19       Thank You Donors!

Cycling Day: Saturday, October 14, 2023 and a bit on Sunday, October 15.  He cycled 173.6 miles in storms and 39.6 miles in grey skies for a total of 213 miles with over 16 hours on the rail-trail challenge!